Thomas Hargreaves, President
Thomas Hargreaves - President

Tom holds Master Electrician, Electrical Administrator and Journey Level Electrician licenses. He has been working as an electrician since 1979.

Thomas Jordan, Vice President
Thomas Jordan - Vice President

Tom holds Journey Level Electrician licenses in Washington, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Idaho, and has been a working electrician since 1985.

Sam Swackhammer, Executive Project Manager
Sam Swackhammer - Executive Project Manager

Sam holds a Master Electrician’s License. He has been working as an electrician since 1996.

Steve Windley, General Superintendent
Steve Windley - General Superintendent

Steve holds a Journey Level Electrician license with more than a decade of design and build experience as well as well over 20 years of experience as an electrician.

Mel Woodward, Project Manager
Mel Woodward - Project Manager

Mel has been an electrician since 1993. He started in the residential field and eventually received his Journeyman license and moved into the commercial and industrial field.

Robby Gonner, Project Manager
Robby Gonner - Project Manager

Robby has been an electrician since 1998 and received his Journeyman card and became a foreman in 2002. In 2012 he started as a Project Engineer.

Dustin Russell, Service Department Manager
Dustin Russell - Service Department Manager

Dustin has been an electrician for Sea-Tac Electric since October of 1998. He became a journeyman in 2002 where he mainly worked as a service technician. In January of 2009 he began managing the service department.

Tim Marisch, Procurement Manager
Tim Marisch - Procurement Manager

Tim has worked in the purchasing field for 6 years. He also has experience in the lighting rep business and also for electrical distributors.

Roly Dungan, Field Superintendent
Roly Dungan - Field Superintendent

Roly has been a commercial electrician since 1999 and received his journeyman card with Sea-Tac Electric and currently is a Field Superintendent.

Corey McKinnon, Eletrical Design Engineer/LEED AP
Corey McKinnon - Eletrical Design Engineer/LEED AP

Corey is an LEED Accredited professional who has been designing electrical systems since 2003.

Jen Gonner, Controller
Jen Gonner - Controller

Jen graduated with a business degree from Pacific Lutheran university in 2009.

Dawn Lanz, Safety Manager
Dawn Lanz - Safety Manager

Dawn joined Sea-Tac Electric’s team in June of 2014. Her role encompasses the total management of all aspects of Sea-Tac’s Safety Program, from implementing new policies and procedures to conducting safety audits and inspections to ensure Sea-Tac’s electrical methods and procedures are carried out in a safe manner. Dawn has over 20+ years in the industry.