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LEED and Electrical Contractors

You’ve probably heard of words like “green design, “sustainable,” and “environmentally responsible design,” and you may remember hearing those terms and dismissing them as merely buzz words for a fleeting fad. But since its rise of popularity in the 1990s, the green building movement has really gone beyond fad and into the mainstream. One of…

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LED Light Bulbs

5 Facts About LED Light Bulbs

Residential Electrical Contractor in Sea-Tac, WA shares valuable advice on LED light bulbs.

Thomas Edison is revered as one of the great American inventors, and credited for inventing the light bulb that is all so important to our modern lives. While the incandescent light bulb was revolutionary and brought light to darkness all over…

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Cartoon Technician Replacing Circuit Breaker

When to Replace Circuit Breaker

Take Care When Remodeling: How to know when to replace circuit breaker

Circuit breakers are essential to the safety of your home. When electricity first enters your home, it heads to the circuit breaker box and then into the rooms of your home. A circuit breaker is a simple switch that shuts off power when…

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