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Residential Electrician

Residential Electrician

SeaTac Electric Is the Residential Electrician You Can Trust – and Afford

residential electricianElectrical power is something we take for granted, but when you flip a switch and it’s not there, it’s frustrating. When your home’s electrical system or wiring is on the fritz, it’s not something to tinker with on your own  – you need a licensed and bonded residential electrician. SeaTac Electric helps homeowners everywhere in Washington state with all of their electrical needs.

The major classes of work we can help you with include standard repairs, emergency repairs, home improvements and upgrades. No matter how major or minor your electrical project, SeaTac Electric’s professionals can help. Because we are owned and operated 100% by electricians without any costly overhead, you are guaranteed to get top-notch service for the lowest cost.

Some of the most common home electrical problems we see include:

  • Dead outlets or outlet partially working (only one plug in an outlet functional)
  • Light bulb and fixture issues (bulbs burning out, some brighter than others, flickering)
  • Circuit breakers tripping (breakers reset but trip again or won’t reset)
  • Switches not working (switches not working or mystery switch doesn’t control anything)
  • Electrical bills inexplicably higher (can be caused by appliance problems)

Even if you’re not having a problem and are ready to upgrade, add or move outlets or another improvements or additions to your electrical system, we can help. With more than 25 years of experience, SeaTac Electric’s staff has the skills needed to master your repair or improvement project. We guarantee our work, and you can trust us with your home. All of our professionals are bonded and we have a drug-free workplace to ensure that safety is foremost.

We are well-reviewed and trusted by our customers and always show up on time. We practice sustainability in our office and encourage our clients toward green practices in electrical projects. If you have any questions about how you can reduce or streamline your consumption, we are happy to offer suggestions that will not only save you money, but that are environmentally responsible.

Whatever electrical needs you have – repairs, improvements or upgrades – SeaTac Electric’s expert electricians are here to help. You can trust us to provide prompt, courteous, professional services at an affordable price. Contact us today for an appointment or consultation at (253) 872-5553 or for 24 hour emergency service, call us at (253) 872-4112.