Design Services

At Sea-Tac Electric, we consistently leverage the latest technology and industry tools to enhance the efficiency of every project. We aim to provide our clients the best visual representation of the project and afford the construction team the most complete plans to ensure the correct approach is in place.

Using the industry’s latest technology, software and tools to map out projects helps us to better coordinate with our clients, as well as other participants involved. Our dedicated design team uses BIM & CAD that allows us to work with project architects to deliver the most accurate plans, thereby reducing errors and the need for rework. Our expertise identifies effective equipment locations to get the most out of each placement, saving time and money by viewing the execution before anything is installed.


Sea-Tac Electric believes in customer satisfaction in all aspects of production.

Our in-house design experts work closely with our customers on design to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce potential risks inherent with multiple companies involved in one project. The design/build process streamlines the overall project and reduces downtime during a project.

Utilizing Design/Build


  • Engineering costs are typically 40% less than traditional methods
  • Effort spent on design instead of mitigating engineer’s risk-of-change orders


  • Design is tailored to owner’s needs without over-designing
  • Costs predicted early and accurately
  • Value improvements and coordination are incorporated early in the process


  • Design is concurrent with pre-construction, no waiting for formal bidding process
  • Avoids delays between design conception, pricing and execution


  • Risk moves from owner to contractor
  • Better design coordination: disciplines are working together early in the project
  • Estimates and construction reviews provided during each phase of the design

Sea-Tac Electric is committed to incorporating principles of sustainable design and energy efficiency into all its projects.


  • Reduce negative impacts on the environment
  • Improve the health and comfort of building occupants, thereby improving building performance
  • Provide a balance of cost, environmental, and human benefits while meeting the mission and function of the intended facility
  • Provide and integrated approach that positively impacts all phases of a building’s life-cycle, including design, construction, operation as well as decommissioning of a building LEED


  • Adopting an integrated design approach
  • Initiating green design charrettes involving all design team members that are conducted at the early stages of the project
  • Life cycle costing assessment that is performed throughout the project to endure that operations and maintenance cost projections are established and effective comparative analyses are conducted for all electrical building elements
  • Energy modeling to assure we are meeting the LEED requirements for certification

Every successful project requires a strong foundation with planning. General contractors know that if the most accurate information is developed during the preconstruction phase, the project will be a success.

During the preconstruction phase, Sea-Tac Electric plans to utilize two key sources: people and documentation.

Sea-Tac Electric understands that in the early stages of preconstruction, all personnel engaged in the project must come with a collaborative approach. Together with the architect, engineer, and other consultants, Sea-Tac Electric will be able to apply a systematic approach with goals, while reducing costs, solving problems, and improving performance. We then manage these goals in order to endure a successful transition into the construction phase.

As with all of Sea-Tac Electric’s projects, gathering the documentation from all of its available resources is the key to addressing all issues efficiently. Sea-Tac Electric, along with the preconstruction team, will establish timelines, goals, and review process, which will decrease project risk, and therefore reduce the RFI process and avoid any unnecessary costs and/or delays.

Our estimating department has many years of experience estimating design projects prior to completion of documents. The advantage of our preconstruction approach is that construction issues are addressed and incorporated in the design from the inception. The project budget can benefit from this before the design is complete. Elements such as the underground sub-trade coordination will be assigned early priority allowing budget and design to be completed simultaneously. Our knowledge and experience will be utilized for the benefit of the team during both design and construction.


  • We provide accurate cost estimates at each phase of the project
  • Analyze documents for constructability
  • Work closely with the team to drive the original design into compliance with the selective coordination requirements of the NEC and LAHJ codes.
  • Provide value-engineering input and practical analysis of design alternatives
  • Review and coordination with the mechanical and structural systems provides yet another advantage
  • Schedule and phase the project to meet the needs of the client
  • Sea-Tac Electric plans on modeling certain areas of the project early, to help the design team identify congestions and consider options before they become issues.